Commission scale :

The sale :

The practice in Luxembourg is that the client using a real estate professional is required to pay the commission. In fact, agency fees are generally due by the seller as it is the seller who signs the sales mandate with the agency.

However, insofar as the service of the agent is not rendered to the only seller, but also to the purchaser, a sharing of the commission may be considered.

A commission payable by the purchaser may also be provided for if the purchaser signs a search mandate.

We apply a declining commission depending on the sale price:

Our commissions for the sale of a property with a price less than or equal to € 1,000,000 amount to: 2.5% + VAT 17%
Our commissions for the sale of a property with a price greater than 1,000,000 € amount to: 2% + VAT 17%

This commission may be reduced if conditions facilitating the sale are given.

The rental of a property :

The agency fee for the rental is one month's rent + 17% VAT. They are the responsibility of the tenant.

Rental management :

Rental management fees are 6% + VAT 17% of the rent.

The inventory :

The agency fees for an inventory amount to € 500 including tax.

They are the responsibility of the party who gave the agency mandate (the inventory is not invoiced if a mandate for the rental has been signed).

The rental of a commercial space :

The cost for the rental of a commercial space is 5% + VAT 17% of the annual rent. They are the responsibility of the tenant.

The estimate of a good :

The estimate is free if the customer signs a sales mandate.

If the customer uses the services of the agency only to have the property valued, the costs for an estimate of the property amount to € 750 + 17% VAT.

RGPD ("General Data Protection Regulation") :

Aramis Luxembourg will take all possible precautions to ensure data protection and affirms that it has taken adequate measures to take into account the new legislative requirements contained in the GDPR ("General Data Protection Regulation") - regulation of the European Union, which will apply from 25 May 2018 and which deals with the protection of personal data.

Aramis Luxembourg has taken all these measures in order to safeguard the confidentiality of the customer's personal data and to prevent any third party from having access to this data, nor having the possibility of altering or stealing it.

Within the framework of the legislation on the protection of personal data, I agree that my data will be stored electronically, only for the purpose of receiving commercial proposals from Aramis Luxembourg.

No personal customer data will be sold or made available to third parties for commercial purposes.

According to this regulation, the customer has a right of access, interrogation, modification, rectification, deletion (under certain conditions) and opposition for legitimate reasons to the processing and dissemination of his personal data.

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